Why we might not be a good fit for you

We might not be the best fit for some home owners. Simply put: not everybody is cut out to be a class A investment property owner. We are very selective about who we choose to do business with, because after all, our avarage client is with us for six and half years.

Professional Cleaning

First impressions are everything! We highly suggest you hire a professional to get the property impeccable, or, as we say, “hotel room ready”. No cockroaches or trash left behind, not dusty fan blades or grimmy windows. We don’t want our potential tenants to be turned off!


Professional Carpet Cleaning

All homeowners are required to have the carpets professionaly cleaned to ensure it looks and smells good. Again, first impressions are everything!


No Major Liabilities

No old trees leaning over the property or balconies that have rotten wood caused by years of neglect, for example. We have to make sure everything is properly taken care of to avoid someone to get hurt or keep us from get sued.


Repairs Done Promptly

According to the NARPM, the number one reasons why tenants move out is because of lack of repairs. We can’t lose a tenant because the owner is refusing to pay for needed repairs. They have to be done promply and correctly and we need homeowners who are eager to let us take care of them ASAP.

Major Mechanical Issues

The homeowner must be prepared to reinvest 5,000 to 8,000 in their property every 3 or 5 years.  Losing a tenant because of mechanical issues, i.e, an A/C system not working properly, costs you way higher! We are sure you don’t want to lose money!


It is expected that all the lightbulbs are working when tenant moves in, and it is expected that all of them are working when they move out.

Screens And Windows

Preferred to the Law, all windows must be able to open, close and lock with ease. It’s a safety issue as well as a comfort issue. Each window is also required to have a mesh screen.


Lock Changes, Fire Detectors And Fire Extinguishers

Prior to move in or the day of move in, all locks will be professionally changed at the owner’s expense. This ensures that the tenants and the managers are the only people who have a key to the home. All smoke alarms will be tested and if they are not working they will be replaced. The kitchen will have to have a fire extinguisher and our technician will install one if needed.


Tenant Selection

In order to choose the best tenants we do not allow the homeowner to select the tenant. Our screening criteria is very strict and we have to follow the fair housing laws. Homeowners and tenants do not get to know each other. When you hire us you hire us for a reason and all we ask is that the owners allow us to do our job.


Co-Managing The Property

What is the point in hiring us and still want to have control over your property? That is why you hire us and we follow our agreements to the letter of the Law. It doesn’t make sense that the owner still wants to participate in managing the property. So, if you can’t trust us and you can’t step back, then we should not do business together.