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"Fantastic service. Will continue to use them. Entire team very professional and responsible. Highly recommend if you have property to be looked after if you're not nearby and your property is being rented. Superb job RentSmartUSA. Keep up the fantastic work.”


Gely Yancoskie S.

“The very best experienced trust worthy team. Renee Neuciler provides the best most efficient service. We could not believe how fast she rented out our property. We are 2000 miles away and have the peace of mind knowing that our property is managed by RentSmartUSA. Dave and Renee thank you so much for this peace of mind.”


Khaled Zeidan

“I have had a very positive experience with RentSmartUSA. Jessica Mercado has been a pleasure to work with. She is a great communicator, very detailed and has been very attentive to any need I may have. I highly recommend this property manager.”


Marc Anthony

I first met Dave Knight from RentSmartUSA four years ago and I had a problem with my investment portfolio here in Orlando. It was being managed very badly and I was losing money. I trusted Dave and his team to help me overcome the problems that I had.[...]Looking four years later, they've done an incredibly good job.


Nick Randall

Proven & Trusted

Comprehensive Property Management Company in Volusia County, FL

We’re a professional property management company that has been helping residential rental property owners since 2010. Are you a property owner looking for a property manager in Volusia County? Our years of experience in managing residential rental properties can help you maximize your time and passive rental income.

At RentSmart USA, we pride ourselves in offering a high level of professionalism, dedication, trustworthiness, and outstanding service.

We strive to provide our clients with unmatched care and are dedicated to offering the highest quality property management services.

Rent to high-quality tenants thanks to our rigorous screening process.

To run a successful rental property, you need to have quality tenants. However, without the skills, experience, and resources, finding the right tenant may be difficult for you to do. In fact, the quality of tenants can make or break your investment.

At RentSmart USA, we’ve been in the property management business long enough to understand this. For this reason, we only rent to tenants that have passed our rigorous screening process.

We have strict requirements that every prospective tenant must pass before signing a lease with us. Our screening process checks for things such as the tenant’s employment history, income and creditworthiness, as well as their rental and criminal history.


We will strategically advertise your Volusia County rental property.

Nothing impacts profitability for a rental property more than vacant units. It essentially means no income for you at the end of the month. You may also need to look for money elsewhere to pay for your property expenses like property taxes and mortgage payments.

At RentSmart USA, we understand the frustration that comes with having a vacant property. That’s why we’ll maximize all marketing channels available to advertise your property.

We use a variety of marketing strategies to expose our clients’ vacant properties to as many prospective clients as possible. Among these strategies is listing your property on our curated list of top rental listing sites.

Our targeted marketing campaign will ensure your property gets rented in the shortest amount of time. This enables our clients to turn a profit almost immediately.


Want To Know How Much You Should Be Charging For Rent?

Send us your rental property's address and contact info and we’ll provide you with a thorough rental pricing analysis absolutely free!

Proven & Trusted

Full-Service Rental Management Company

As a rental home owner your main concern should be your own peace of mind when handing over the management of your property to a third party.

RentSmart USA was founded in 2010 with the goal of eliminating 95% of Rental Property Issues before they can even begin.

Our mission: We aspire to be the very best Property Management Company in Volusia County by providing predictable monthly income and peace of mind to our Clients.

We will manage all monthly tasks that are required to properly run your property.

There are many monthly responsibilities that need to be performed to keep your property running smoothly. These are the monthly management tasks we will take care of for you:


Rent collection

Late or missing payments affects your cash flow. We will collect rent every month and deposit it directly to your account.

Our collection process is thorough, professional, and abides by all Florida state laws.


Coordinate maintenance requests

We will handle all the upkeep and repairs. We will save you both time and money by making sure that these aspects are completed in a timely and professional manner by our trusty maintenance personnel and contractors.


Managing evictions

Although unlikely, there are times that even with careful placement there is the occasional need to evict a tenant. We are extremely knowledgeable with landlord-tenant laws. If the tenant does not pay rent on time or breaches the terms of the lease, we will follow the proper legal steps to evict the individual(s). This would be done in the fastest and most efficient manner to get your property rented out again.


Financial Reports & Updates

We understand that you want to be kept informed about your property, therefore we make every effort to do so. You will have access to an online owner portal that allows you to see financial updates on your property.

Our Property Management Guarantees


Why Choose Us Over Other Volusia County Management Companies.

There are many reasons why you should hire RentSmart USA. First and foremost, we offer all of our clients a 60-Day Risk-Free Guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied with our property management performance, simply contact us to terminate your agreement with us. It’s that simple!

Secondly, we offer our clients a Rented 45-Day Guarantee. What this means is simple, we guarantee to fill your vacant rental property within 45 days after hiring us. If we fail to obtain a signed lease for you within the 45 days, we’ll reimburse your placement fee.

Thirdly, we offer all our clients a Tenant Placement Guarantee. Ours is the Industry’s Best Tenant Placement Warranty available. So, after placing a tenant, we guarantee that renter for the first year of the lease. If, for any reason, they move out, we’ll find a replacement tenant free of charge.

Last but not the least, we offer all our clients a Risk-Free Eviction.Have you ever had to evict a tenant? If so, then you know how stressful it can be. With this guarantee, your legal fees for an eviction will be absolutely free of charge.

Clearly, RentSmart USA stands out from the rest!