Resident Benefits Package

Included with ALL lease agreements under RentSmartUSA is the Resident Benefits Package. These features are included for $19.00 per month.

No Additional Charges for Rental Payment Options to Include In-Person, ACH, or Check.

Benefit: Tenants simply pay their rent plus the $19.00 per month for an all-inclusive payment. ($5 Per Month Value)

Included Tenant Portal for Maintenance, Payment Options, and Electronic Statements.

Benefit: Tenants have free access to our Tenant Portal to submit maintenance requests, pay online using all included payment options to include the automatic ACH option, and have access to electronic statements. ($5 Per Month Value)

Free Credit Reporting for All Rental Payments made during this Lease to TransUnion.

Benefit: Tenants receive the benefit of positive credit reporting for all on-time rental payments to TransUnion. (Improved Credit Score….Priceless)

24/7 Maintenance Hotline with Live Phone Support.

Benefit: Tenants can reach a live person after hours for emergency maintenance concerns. ($5 Per Month Value)

Convenient Lock Box Move-In (value $50.00)

Benefit: No need to travel to the office, keys for move in will be available at home.

Mobile Move-In Condition Documentation App (value $25.00)

Benefit: No need to fill out property condition reports on paper. Do it all on your smart phone.

Home Buyers program (value up to $1,500.00)

Benefit: Earn a credit up to $1,500 with a RentSmartUSA approved Realtor when it comes time to buying a home.

Rental Verification (value $50.00)

Benefit: For example RentSmartUSA will verify your resident status to loans, schools, employment, etc.

Easy Move-out Option (value $50.00)

Benefit: No need to travel to the office. Lock up when you vacate. Leave all keys in the lockbox.

Utility Concierge.

Benefit: At the time of move in, we have a relationship with Citizen Home Solutions who provides free help with the utility setup process.