The 4 Pillars of RentSmartUSA

Our company is built upon four pillars. When we started the company, we realized property management companies did not have the best reputation. Investment property owners did not trust them and were hesitant to allow someone else to manage their valuable rental property. So, we decided to change the perception of property management by changing how we conducted business by offering our “4 Pillars”. They are:


Compelling Value Propositions

You can trust us. If we don’t perform as promised, we pay a real price. With our 8 Performance Guarantees, if we don’t do what we said we would when we said we would do it, you can hold us accountable.


Total Transparency

You can believe us. Just take a few minutes and look through this website. We hide nothing and make doing business with us very easy. We offer a comparison chart giving you the opportunity to compare us against companies in your area, we have a map of all the properties we manage and you can find our contract right here.


Stellar Customer Service

You will like us. We strive to create a better experience for our owners. We include links to Yelp, Google and Facebook. We regularly ask our owners and tenants for feedback and take providing superior customer service very seriously.


Aggressive Pricing

You will pay a fair price. We have a unique business model. We have centralized operations (all rents are sent to one location and proceeds generated from the same place) and local Property Managers. Our Property Managers (also called Branch Managers) are close to your rental and are our “boots on the ground”. They handle property issues, secure new tenants and conduct property inspections. By implementing this model, we can offer low pricing with superlative customer service.