As a full-service property management company in Daytona Beach, RentSmartUSA has offered its premium services to investment property owners and tenants for over 20 years.

As your partner in your Daytona Beach rental property journey, we guarantee the management of your rental properties goes as smoothly as possible thanks to our years of experience in the field.

We are honored that you have considered allowing RentSmartUSA the chance to work with you and with your property. We know the significance of having the correct property management in place for your Daytona Beach property.

Truly, venturing into rental property offers a lot of investment potential. In any case, there are various requests that owners experience regularly. These requests are tedious and require close regard for even the smallest issues.

When you work with us you can expect us to meet or surpass each customer’s expectations. Our goal is to allow our clients to concentrate on the more significant aspects of their lives. With the services that we will provide you in Daytona Beach, your rental property will be in good hands.

What We Do for You

RentSmartUSA offers the most far-reaching line of property management in Volusia County, Florida. We always aim to provide our clients and tenants with the best customer experience possible through our superior level of service.

If you are looking for a property management company in Daytona Beach, you’re in the right place. Our services will help you reduce any stress related to your investment.

As our customer, here are the services that you can expect from us:

Rigorous Screening and Evaluation Process

We have high expectations with regards to choosing a superior quality tenant for your property. All prospective tenants must pass our thorough screening and assessment process.

This procedure incorporates an exhaustive background and criminal check as well as checking their financial records. Additionally, we review their past rental history and affirm their income. This helps to prevent any issues with tenants when it comes to paying their rent in the future.

Consistent Rent Collection

Rent is the lifeblood of any rental business. At RentSmartUSA, we understand this and make it our commitment that you get paid on time.

Aside from collecting rent, we’ll also help you set the appropriate rent amount. We use various tools to calculate your property’s market value so that you can get optimized rental value for your property.

Our company utilizes the most advanced software applications in the industry today In order to better facilitate the timely collection of rents.

Cost-Effective Repairs and Regular Maintenance

When tenants make a request for repairs or customary upkeep, we follow up with them and let them know when they can expect the repairs to be made.

We deliver on our promises efficiently, which is why we have a 24/7 hotline that tenants can easily access to express any of their maintenance concerns.

Move-Out Management

To ensure that your monthly rate is aligned with similar properties in the area, we gather and analyze local property data.

As your property manager, we will start promoting and advertising your investment property once we acknowledge that it is ready for another tenant. After careful inspection and examination of the move-out to the move-in condition, we will address their security deposit and decide what to return.

Comprehensive Management Reports

Our property management software allows our clients access to their finances through monthly reports and statements. This allows you to easily check and monitor your property’s expenses and income.

These monthly reports are available through our online portal and are accessible anytime and anywhere.  Toward the end of the year, we send a 1099 structure and a thorough salary and cost report that will help you when documenting your expenses.


Looking for a property management company in Daytona Beach?

Let us handle the day-to-day operations from the smallest tasks to the more detailed responsibilities of your property management needs. 

No matter the property management service you are looking for, trust that RentSmartUSA Company can help.