RentSmartUSA provides cost-efficient and skilled New Smyrna Beach property management services that you’ve been looking for.

Our team of expert property managers will ensure that you’re always kept up to date when it comes to the management of your New Smyrna Beach

You can relax knowing that your rental is in the hands of professionals. With every tenant application we conduct thorough credit and background checks, verify job and rental history, and financial checks.

We will also conduct inspections of your property and the premises to make sure that your tenants are in compliance with the lease agreement.

We offer full and careful accounting for your property and give you monthly and end of year reports that are easily accessible anytime through our online portal.

We handle all the maintenance, repairs and coordination for your home. In our years of experience, we’ve acquired vendor relationships that allow us to quickly resolve problems that arise.

You can be confident that we keep your tenants happy and that your property is being taken care of. With RentSmartUSA, you can have peace of mind knowing that we’ve got everything covered.

Our Property Management Services

When you partner with RentSmartUSA, you gain access to our comprehensive array of property management solutions. These services are designed to help all landlords manage their properties with minimal stress, so you can enjoy the fruits of your investment.  

Marketing Your Property

When you partner with RentSmartUSA, the first step we take is to make sure your property is ready to rent. By this, we mean that we make sure the property is clean, clear, and ready for the local market. Once this is done, we will take photographs of the property’s rooms and their best features so we can display them proudly on only the best MLS websites and local media. 

But we don’t just set up your adverts and forget them, we will also monitor them and analyze their effectiveness. Should they not produce the results we expect, then we will adapt to ensure you find the most qualified tenants. 

Screening Prospective Tenants

A great problem that marketing creates, is an abundance of applications. So now the question remains, how do you sort through the applications to find the right tenants? 

You do so, with effective tenant screening. 

This involves setting up a system whereby you can gain certain information about a tenant. Usually through an application form and a series of calls to a variety of people. 

But screening requires significant knowledge and resources to conduct effectively as some landlords struggle to run things like background or credit checks. So, when you partner with RentSmartUSA, our property managers will conduct the screening for you and using their knowledge, find you the best tenant. 

Repairing & Maintaining the Property

Now that a fantastic tenant has been placed in the property, RentSmartUSA focuses on the upkeep of the property. We conduct regular inspections to proactively repair any damage to the property while also ensuring the tenant is keeping up their end of the bargain. 

Should you need any aspects of the property to be repaired or should an accident happen, you can rely on the expert partnerships we have with local contractors to repair any defects quickly. 

Rent Collection

Rent is the lifeblood of your property. So, establishing a system whereby tenants can easily pay your rent is critical. At RentSmartUSA we use an online portal that allows tenants to simply log in and pay their rent. We then use this system to pass the balance back to you and provide accurate reporting so you can understand how well your business is doing. 

Should there be any delays or issues paying the rent, we will also handle these for you and levy any late fees should they be applicable. 

Legal & Eviction Assistance

A major part of managing a rental property is understanding the local, state, and federal laws, as well as any municipal rules regarding real estate. This in itself can feel like a full-time job, as the laws can change frequently. 

But the property managers at RentSmartUSA are all fully versed in real estate law and keep appraised of any changes that may affect your property – so you don’t need to.

Additionally, should the need ever arise to evict a tenant, we can do so by acting as your representative in court.

Benefits of Our Services

Through our years of experience, we have seen it all. We’ve seen hundreds of rental applications and we know how to thoroughly screen possible applicants to get you only the highest quality tenants.

We know that a vacancy is money out of your pocket. We have the knowledge and skills to minimize the time it takes to find a new tenant.

Investing in a rental property takes time and commitment plus experience. If you’ve recently invested in one, let RentSmartUSA help.

We are specialized in the management of duplexes, condos, and single-family homes for the last 20 years.

We will treat your New Smyrna Beach property as if it were our own.

Why Choose Us?

Property owners have a number of reasons for considering a property management company. Managing tenants and property is a 24/7 commitment and both can be stressful and demanding. Professional property management companies know that building a professional relationship between tenants and landlords is one of the keys to a successful business.

In addition, property management companies know what it takes to attract better tenants, increase their retention and shorten vacancy times, all while protecting and increasing your property’s value.

We have taken pride over the last 20 years that our services are readily accessible to clients and tenants, and in our transparent and personalized service catered to each specific need. We are dedicated to offering the highest quality service at competitive rates.

For more information regarding our New Smyrna Beach property management services, we invite you to contact us today and discuss your specific needs.

Living in New Smyrna Beach

The town is residential in nature and its economic system is based in retail trade, lodging, and tourism-oriented restaurants and bars.

New Smyrna Beach is one of the top locations to live in Florida, providing residents a suburban experience. Many retirees live in New Smyrna Beach
and residents tend to have moderate political views. Compared to many other public facilities, New Smyrna Beach’s are superb.


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